Schools Get Virtual

New flexible collaboration tools can enable a better student-instructor distance learning experience.

Only Data Can Lead the Way

Under the enrollment management umbrella, data is the glue that holds the process together.

Perfecting the Payment Process

Many IHEs are adopting e-billing and e-payment solutions to cut costs and offer students more payment options.

Working in a bursar's office in early September can be like working for the IRS in mid-April. During this chaotic time, bursars are not only collecting and disbursing hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they're also responding to myriad customer service complaints, reconciling incorrect student mailing addresses and lost checks, and paying top dollar for paper and postage, check processing, and credit card fees.

Higher Education at Risk

A new documentary and companion book examine the state of post-secondary education in America.

Admissions Anguish

How parents and students grapple with the ever-taxing college admissions process.

The Changing Face of IT Executives

Managing information technology departments increasingly requires business and political skills. Major concerns include security, staff training, and keeping up with ever-evolving user needs.

The information technology (IT) leader on campus today is more likely to spend his or her time preparing business plans than checking server configurations. As high technology has embedded itself into the day-to-day teaching, learning, researching, and administrative tasks of colleges and universities, there has developed a need for IT managers to be able to speak the language of return on investment (ROI), as well as understand the many and varied needs of faculty and students.

Tuition Turmoil: A roundtable discussion

Higher education leaders talk about the struggle with skyrocketing tuition costs and changes to federal aid programs.

Pick up any newspaper and you'll see headlines that scream about skyrocketing tuition costs and cuts to aid programs. University Business Editor Tim Goral recently spoke with a panel of tuition experts to find out what these changes hold in store for for higher education.

Course Management: Ready for Prime Time

With leading technology behind it, a new generation of course management systems is poised to take the stage.

Take this quiz:

A) Continually escalating in cost

B) Continual demand for upgrades and increased functionality

C) Lackluster faculty adoption

D) All of the above

If you chose D--all of the above--you're in good company.

More Books for the Buck

Textbook rental programs help students keep more money in their pockets.

Stephanie Huck knows a deal when she sees it. Or rents it.

After transferring in from another school, Huck was excited to learn that she would save 60 percent on her textbook bill each semester thanks to Southeast Missouri State University's rental program. Now, she pays only $85 per semester for all of her books.

Are You Protected Against Hackers and Attackers?

Viruses, Breaches and threats have IT Directors rethinking security.