Working with Consultants 101

How to make sure your next outsourced project doesn't hit the rocks.

Having spent most of their careers in IT and consulting for industry, Wayne and Eileen Strider of Kansas City-based Strider & Cline had no prior experience in consulting for an institute of higher education. Then, in 1999, the husband-and-wife team was called to do an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) review for The Ohio State University.

Unlocking Access

Behind the scenes of one institution's decision to join Independent 529 plan.

Joining Independent 529 Plan, the only national 529 plan organized and run by and for independent colleges and universities, is a significant and complex decision because of the financial and operational ramifications. Participating institutions assume the investment risk by locking in tuition payment at a discount from the rates in effect when deposits are made, and the colleges assume all administrative fees. Given these current and future financial obligations, why did we at Mount Holyoke College (Mass.) consider the plan at all?

What Happens in Vegas...

Higher ed AV pros learn winning strategies at EduComm '05.

There's an old saying that "luck comes and goes, but knowledge stays forever." So it was fitting that roulette wheels and slot machines provided a backdrop to the second annual EduComm Conference in Las Vegas in June. More than 1,000 audiovisual and IT professionals from higher education and K-12 came to the Las Vegas Hilton to learn about the growing roles AV and IT play in classroom presentation, distance education and related trends, such as multimedia production, course management software and wireless networks.

Face Time

Today, many college presidents are finding novel ways to connect with students.

College and university presidents are certainly tied up these days. Between fundraising, business meetings, and schmoozing with donors, there is little time left for other things, particularly getting to know their students. For many of these "phantom" college presidents, the demands of the job only allow for minimal interaction with students, like the proverbial handshake at commencement.

Campus Networks Get Stretched

IHEs are finding new ways to expand the reach of the technology that ties together teachers, students and faculty.

If your campus is beginning to look and feel less like a collection of classrooms and libraries and more like a giant Starbucks, there's a reason.

Sick Buildings, Sick Kids

Facilities construction and management take on illness prevention.

Solutions for Marketing Strategies

There has never been a better array of software to help you support your integrated marketing strategy.

Are you being Served?Trends in University Financial Services

IHEs need to see financial services as a way to add value.

Schools Get Virtual

New flexible collaboration tools can enable a better student-instructor distance learning experience.

Only Data Can Lead the Way

Under the enrollment management umbrella, data is the glue that holds the process together.