Weathering the Storm

Following the worst hurricane season in memory, some Florida universities talk about how they kept students safe, minimized damages, and provided communication channels.

Interview: Tom Kean

After 15 years at the helm of Drew University in Madison, NJ, President Tom Kean is set to step down next year. The former two-term governor of New Jersey, and chairman of the 9/11 Commission, sat down with Editor In Chief Tom Halligan to discuss his career, the state of education, and his achievements at Drew.

Revitalizing the Campus Through Retail

Urban IHEs are luring local and national retail tenants to drive campus and community revitalization initiatives.

It's not enough to add shops. It's not enough to build housing. As universities all over the country are discovering, university-led urban revitalization is all about creating an environment where an institution and its neighboring community cannot only coexist, but also benefit from one another.

The Mighty Multiuse Facility

IHEs are building impressive mixed-use facilities to attract new students, benefit the community, and generate extra revenue.

An Elixir for Burnout

Facing constant pressure, senior administrators need to manage stress before it takes its toll.

Digital Signage Delivers on Campus

Affordable wide-screen digital signs are finding multiple uses on campuses, and may even generate revenue.

The millennial generation was raised on the moving image. HDTV, MTV, flat-screen PCs, PDAs and other electronics have created a generation with high expectations of media and its messages. No wonder digital signage--a new presentation technology--is making its way onto campus.

The Network Dominates

Today's network serves as the central nervous system of campus life.

Bridging the Financial Aid Information Gap

Schools do a good job dispensing aid information, but these experts say there's room for improvement.

New Lessons in Course Management

A group of universities have banded together to offer a low-cost course management software alternative; commercial vendors compete with new applications.

The Glitch in E-notification

In light of recent admissions snafus, many IHEs are re-examining the safety and reliability of their electronic notification systems.