Gifts with Strings Attached

How to avoid getting tangled with restricted gifts.

Faculty and students push knowledge forward in their own ways every day. They expect that freedom, and the academy is designed to give it to them. But donors, whose gifts often come with usage restrictions, may not be so generous.

Internet Postage Is Here

What a charge for ensuring "You've got (legitimate) mail" means for colleges and universities.

The e-mail marketing community is still quaking over recently announced plans by America Online and Yahoo to begin charging internet postage for optional "preferred e-mail" service, which would enable company e-mails to breeze past the spam filters of the two e-mail service providers.

Where's the Beef?

Looking under the bun at IT budgets.

Do you recall this popular fast-food commercial from 1984? Three elderly ladies gaze at an oversized hamburger bun until one poses the question that became a cultural catchphrase: "Where's the beef?" In the '80s, the fun tagline became so overexposed that it became pass?.

Big Picture AV Planning

Tips on designing a technology-driven facility.

Given today's constantly evolving technologies-and our seemingly insatiable appetite for immediate information access-planning and designing a new technology-oriented facility can be a daunting task. The digital world has expanded into virtually every aspect of teaching and learning, and it now plays a key role in accelerating economic development.

Enrollment Management Grows Up

Enrollment managers share their current approaches.

Averting Housing Havoc

In student housing projects, missed completion dates cause costly administrative nightmares. Successfully managing construction interruptions and other issues that arise is the best defense.


You might call it the 100-bed dash. Yet Warren Wilson College's spring 2003 student housing construction project went off with a flame, not a bang.

Admissions Messages vs. Admissions Realities

A book excerpt from College Unranked: Ending the College Admissions Frenzy.

All Rights Preserved

IHEs explore new ways to protect intellectual property.

Stewart Brand, author, futurist, and original publisher of the Whole Earth Catalog, once proclaimed, "Information wants to be free." Plagiarists, software pirates, file-sharers, and others have claimed the phrase as justification for their actions. If someone posts a document, they reason, it becomes fair game to take and use it.

Web Conferencing: Rich Media on the Desktop

No more jerky videos and voices-today there's a brighter web conferencing picture.

Until recently, the words "web conferencing" conjured up the image of small-framed and jerky video that was akin to bad cartoon animation. Voices would speak, but there would be no movement on screen. Video would often freeze. Viewers would have to draw on stores of patience as they helplessly waited for the picture and sound to adjust to each other.

The Art of Reputation Building

A handful of lessons on building a brand

It is all about being known. And while we may occasionally squabble over nomenclature (Is it brand? Image? Reputation?), we all believe, at our core, that it is better to be known than not. When the right people are aware of you and value and support the position you hold, life is better.