Shared Pain & Payoffs

Managing relationships within a buying consortium

From buying paper and furniture to defibrillators and health insurance, consortia of higher ed institutions are saving up to millions of dollars annually on items bought in bulk-while at the same time breeding greater, long-term relationships built on trust. That adds up to saved time, fewer headaches.

Back from the Breach

IHEs find that recovery from security breaches must be part of every IT plan.

Value Added

New leadership goals in an era of accountability.

There is a good deal of talk about the need for accountability today-defining learning outcomes, for example, or asking that faculty be accountable for the effectiveness of their teaching. In short, there is a shift from offering programs and degrees to creating value.

Steve Wozniak: Education Technology Champion

A profile of the 2006 EduComm keynote speaker.

State of Affairs

Smart government relations can turn local and state officials into supporters of higher ed.

During Bill Clinton's 1992 run for the presidency, Democratic strategist James Carville took a simple route to keeping the campaign on message. Carville posted a sign at the Little Rock, Ark., headquarters of the campaign reminding staffers and Clinton of the now-famous phrase, "It's the economy, stupid."

Gifts with Strings Attached

How to avoid getting tangled with restricted gifts.

Faculty and students push knowledge forward in their own ways every day. They expect that freedom, and the academy is designed to give it to them. But donors, whose gifts often come with usage restrictions, may not be so generous.

Internet Postage Is Here

What a charge for ensuring "You've got (legitimate) mail" means for colleges and universities.

The e-mail marketing community is still quaking over recently announced plans by America Online and Yahoo to begin charging internet postage for optional "preferred e-mail" service, which would enable company e-mails to breeze past the spam filters of the two e-mail service providers.

Where's the Beef?

Looking under the bun at IT budgets.

Do you recall this popular fast-food commercial from 1984? Three elderly ladies gaze at an oversized hamburger bun until one poses the question that became a cultural catchphrase: "Where's the beef?" In the '80s, the fun tagline became so overexposed that it became pass?.

Big Picture AV Planning

Tips on designing a technology-driven facility.

Given today's constantly evolving technologies-and our seemingly insatiable appetite for immediate information access-planning and designing a new technology-oriented facility can be a daunting task. The digital world has expanded into virtually every aspect of teaching and learning, and it now plays a key role in accelerating economic development.

Enrollment Management Grows Up

Enrollment managers share their current approaches.