Transportation Trends

IHEs take the lead in reducing auto pollution and vehicle overpopulation.

Title IX Turns 35

The landmark law faces a happy birthday- and a midlife crisis.

Details of Retail

Looking to spur neighborhood development and attract and keep new students? Working toward the right retail mix will help.

"If you build it, they will come." That's easily one of the most overused movie lines of last century. But it applies to much in higher ed.

Lost in Space

Campuses find ways to escape the pinch of finite classroom space.

It's Electric

Colleges and universities are finding that an electronic admissions process can improve efficiency while still making students feel unique.

Flu Pandemic Prep

With the possibility of a deadly flu pandemic-today's worry being avian flu-good planning may be the best medicine. Is your school prepared?

The prospect of an avian flu epidemic in the near future makes most disaster films pale in comparison. As a newly mutated form of the H5N1 virus spreads rapidly from human to human, public transportation comes to a sudden stop, public events are canceled, and public schools-and many workplaces-shut down.

...Gotta Get a Message to You

New technology is pushing emergency text messages to cell phones and PDAs. What's next?

The ubiquitous cell phone: Almost all students have one. With at least nine out of 10 college students using a cell phone, and few using landlines, is it any wonder that colleges and universities are developing new ways to use this technology to communicate with students?


Texas community college leaders revise their master plans to carve their niche in a highly competitive market.

The Picture's Coming into View

No single approach to A/V procurement is perfect, but these guiding principles will help administrators bring the most suitable A/V technologies to their institutions.

As vice president for Information Technology and CIO of Ball State University (Ind.), H. O'Neal Smitherman has a knack for seeing the big picture before anyone else does. Smitherman keeps a close eye on smart classroom and distance learning technology.

Advancing the Brand

University marketing pros give tips on how to build a brand strategy.

This is the era of the brand. Study after study indicate that institutions with a strong, valued brand enjoy opportunities that other less-branded institutions do not. For example, we can show that well-branded institutions attract:

More and better students.

More full- and fuller-pay students (brand equity).