Advancing the Brand

University marketing pros give tips on how to build a brand strategy.

This is the era of the brand. Study after study indicate that institutions with a strong, valued brand enjoy opportunities that other less-branded institutions do not. For example, we can show that well-branded institutions attract:

More and better students.

More full- and fuller-pay students (brand equity).

Missed Connections

Landlines are increasingly unused on college campuses. Does this have to mean revenue has gone missing as well?

When Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (PA.) opened its doors in 2005, its leaders made sure buildings and classrooms were ready, and that the school's wireless network was robust. One item left off the list was phone landlines.

College Loans Still a Good Option

RECENTLY I MET A FAMILY whose daughter was looking at Rhodes College. The family income was slightly above $20,000. Federal and state funding didn't provide the assistance necessary for the daughter to enroll. Even after adding a substantial commitment from the college to the financial aid package, there was a large financial gap.

Admissions Administrators Speak Out

Three top admissions officials consider early admissions, need-based aid, and more in a special virtual roundtable.

In 2006, the buzz surrounding college admissions grew into a quiet roar. From Harvard's decision to end its nonbinding Early Action option to the release of Daniel Golden's book on admissions for the rich and famous, several events turned admissions offices on campus into some of the busiest and most interesting departments around.

Media Relations Boot Camp

With their institutions under the media microscope, college and university leaders must carefully consider every PR move they make.

A Competitive Edge

Student programs based on NBC's The Apprentice are a win for institutions.

Excuse Me: Can You Spare a Million?

Soliciting corporate donors has gotten more complex in recent years. Here's how to approach corporations and help ensure your institution is at the other end of their giving.

Printing Detail - SAMPLE

Custom publishing can help cut expenses, attract desirable students, and distribute timely information. Here's how schools are getting the job done.

It tantalizes the best millennial students with colorful and personalized brochures, screaming the student's name and interests.

101 Smart Revenue Generators (and Money-saving Ideas)

Readers share their successful strategies to start earning--and avoid burning--money.

Parking: A Lot to Look At

A parking lot or garage doesn't have to be an eyesore. On some campuses, these spaces are aesthetic places.