The New Face of ERP

Enterprise applications come out of the back office to manage everything from business operations to student lifecycle relations.

WHEN IT COMES TO ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS, ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Just ask John Southard, chief technology officer for New York Law School.

Institutions Expand Rich Media Efforts

As software applications get more user-friendly and bandwidth gets more robust, institutions expand their rich media efforts beyond online courses.

For most of its 2006 season, the football team at Ohio Wesleyan University attracted a record number of spectators not just its loyal fans but also thousands of enthusiasts for every visiting team, going well beyond the capacity of its stadium.

The Innocents Abroad

Ten tips for avoiding (or managing) an emergency when your students travel to study at colleges and universities throughout the globe.

FOREIGN TRAVEL AND individual exchange programs have long been accepted as a great way to make the world a smaller place by fostering relationships and cultural understanding on a personal level. But protecting students when they are on the other side of the world isn't always easy to do.

Designing a Unified Campus

When landscape and other site designers get creative, a campus's character can shine.

SHADED BY A WILLOW TREE, A SMALL CLASS SITS ON a well-manicured lawn. The women's running team circles around a pristine track as seated onlookers applaud.

The Kids Are All Right

As the number of young alumni grows, alumni offices must get creative to keep recent grads engaged.

What's New in A/V

With EduComm and InfoComm just around the corner, here's a look at what's driving the booming highered audiovisual market.

WHEN EDUCOMM ATTENDEES TAKE a break from their workshops and presentations next month in Anaheim, Calif., they'll have a chance to see the latest advances in A/V technology and maybe a peak into the future by visiting the adjacent InfoComm 2007 exhibit floor.

The Big Business of Research

Research universities are finding new ways to leverage their intellectual capital.

YOU COULD EASILY miss the small office suite as you travel the bare fourth floor corridor in an all-concrete building on the MIT campus-were it not for the dazzlingly blue wall around the next corner announcing the DuPont-MIT Alliance (DMA).

Spellings Lessons

As the Commission on the Future of Higher Education prepares for phase two of its plan to fix higher ed, some of its members discuss how we arrived at this point.

Tragedy at Virginia Tech

Security experts review the events on the Blacksburg campus, while higher ed officials nationwide review emergency procedures. What could have been done to prevent fatalities?

The facts about the incident at Virginia Polytechnic Institute that took place Monday, April 16, are staggering. A total of 33 students and staff were killed in the deadliest shooting in America. The gunman, English student Cho Seung-Hui, was a loner who was identified as troubled by at least two professors at Virginia Tech. After killing two people at 7:15 a.m.

Online Help for Administrators in the Wake of Virginia Tech Tragedy

Links to education and health organizations that can help; statements from higher ed leaders on the shootings.

Links to resources for coping with crisis

American Counseling Association (http://www.counseling.org/PressRoom/NewsReleases.aspx?AGuid=b8890bed-5842-4c52-8719-eeb4fcbbd562)

American Psychiatric Association

Caring in Times of Disaster links (http://www.psych.org/disasterpsych)

American School Counselor Association