Good Data In, Good Data Out

IHEs put in systems to capture quality data, and keep those records clean.

When database records indicated that 200 students had signed up to play on the 2004 football team at DePauw University (Ind.), Administrative Upgrade Project Director Daniel Pfeifer realized there was either something seriously wrong with how data was being handled, or the university would be ordering a lot more uniforms.

Endowment Management: New and Proven Strategies

Keeping a pulse on the economy helps today's endowment managers in their quest to bring their institutions the best returns possible.

Many of the answers to your endowment building questions may be found in tried-and-true investment strategies, but you may need to look farther-all the way to the other side of the globe.

An Education in AV Technology

The annual Educomm conference covered podcasting, distance learning and classroom planning.

Retention Intentions

When it comes to keeping students happy and productive, constituent relationship management is shaping up into a high-tech, high-touch tag team.

Everyone knows how to reach prospects and alumni, and the importance of doing so. But what about the students in between?

Diamond in the Mudd

The many facets of Maria Klawe, Harvey Mudd College's new leader

It's a new day at Harvey Mudd. Known for its focus on engineering, science, and mathematics education, the 700-student liberal arts school-part of California's Claremont Colleges consortium-has done well in realizing its vision of attracting the brightest students. And with about 1,600 applications received each year, Admissions staff can be choosy when selecting each 175-student freshman class; about 90 percent of Mudd students were in the top 10 percent of their high school class.

The Outs and Ins of Facility Management

Outsourcing facilities management isnt't an all-or-nothing decision on today's campuses

Good Medicine

How institutions can meet the needs of the modern student with a state-of-the-art health care facility

To combat the growing number of health issues affecting college students today, colleges and universities have greatly expanded the range of health services they offer-tackling everything from fitness and stress management to alcoholism and smoking cessation.

Unfortunately, these robust programs are often hindered by inadequate and aging health-care facilities.

The President Next Door

For the spring semester, the president of Ursuline College moved into a new residence hall on campus. In just a few months she gained insights into college students and their lives.

When students moved into the new residence hall this January at Ursuline College, a small Catholic liberal arts school for women in suburban Cleveland, they had a most unusual hallmate. Ursuline's president, Sister Diana Stano, had decided to spend the spring semester living with juniors and seniors in the college's new dorm.

Property Values

Real estate property yields real returns for endowments.

Real estate is a modern American obsession. What the neighbors got for their house is a leading suburban backyard barbecue topic.

Higher Ed at the Crossroads

New government regulations may change the way schools are accredited and student aid is administered.

For the last two decades, much of the public and media attention has been focused on the problems in K-12 education. Higher ed coverage was concerned largely with stories on school rankings or sports scandals. Within the industry, of course, there are those who have raised warning flags about quality, about access, and about affordability, yet the mainstream media rarely delved into these complex issues.