Engaging Alumni Online

Today's alumni want increasing control over content and delivery of information. Higher ed institutions are delivering what they need-electronically.

In 2001, administrators at Plymouth State University began pondering the notion of giving alumni access to their own web portal, just as undergraduates at the New Hampshire institution had since 2000. The idea was for the portal to provide alumni with a simple way to connect with the university and with each other.

Technology Spending Survey 2007

Institutions are putting their money where their network is.

Technology is so omnipresent in the modern world that people don't notice it all around them, until something goes wrong. At the same time, there is a constant bombardment of technology information, ranging from product details for a new gadget to security breaches at all types of institutions.

Educause 2006 Highlights

This year's conference focused on the theme "Spurring Innovation and Marshalling Resources."

The annual Educause conference is the premier teaching and technology showcase for higher education, and this year's expo, held in Dallas in October, was no exception. Attendees got sneak peaks at new products planned for early '07 rollout and saw the first fruits of some much discussed mergers from last year's conference.

TECH Central

Despite all the talk about wireless, Temple University leaders found it made sense to centralize its technology equipment on campus.

If we build it, will they come? That was the $16 million question Temple University (Pa.) executives, administrators, and trustees pondered before they gave the go-ahead to construct the largest student computer center in the country.

Rising Stars: A Southern GENTLEMAN

G. David Pollick, Birmingham-Southern College

Rising Stars: Leading a College with a conscience

Laura Skandera Trombley, Pitzer College

What does it mean to be recognized as a "college with a conscience"?

Rising Stars: Right Person, Right Time

Shirley Reed, South Texas College

Twelve years ago, Shirley Reed traveled deep into the heart of Texas. Arriving in a region of the Rio Grande Valley beset by poverty, unemployment, and some of the lowest education rates in the country, she set about building a community college.

Rising Stars: Reclaiming a Community

John Fry, Franklin & Marshall College

Rising Stars: Spark of Transformation

Roy Nirschel, Roger Williams University

Look up the word "growth" in the dictionary, and you will be hard-pressed to find a much better definition than what's happened at Roger Williams University.