Lawmakers Are on the Student-Loan Warpath

Will your college or university be ready when they come calling?

On May 7, 2007, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported:

"To Frank Loncorich, there's nothing wrong with the trips that are paid partly or fully by the preferred providers of college loans to St. Cloud State University students.

"The St. Cloud State financial aid director has attended several conferences in Florida and two in California, at which lenders paid for his lodging. And there are the annual weekends in Bayfield, Wis., and excursions on the St. Croix River.

Best Foot Forward: SOX and Financial Standards

Higher ed leaders come to terms with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Presidential Progress

University of Miami's Donna Shalala is a high-profile president with purpose.

IN FRONT OF A WIDE WINDOW IN PRESIDENT Donna Shalala's ground floor office at the University of Miami, two picture frames make perfect bookends for the latest chapters in her remarkable career.

Construction Delivery

Competitive bidding may rule the construction scene, but that doesn't make it the best choice for all campus projects. Here's how your peers are breaking out of the box.

Endowment Politics

When advancement strategies are defensive.

IT IS CERTAINLY MORE RARE than common for a university's actions, such as taking down a cross at a campus chapel or investing in companies that do business in Darfur, to directly affect donations, but that relationship-between behavior and endowments-is evolving, and some say the link may strengthen in the future.

Document Management
Across Campus

Leading the way to a paperless office.</p>

Smart and Sustainable

Colleges and universities strive to meet the needs of the present-and ensure that future generations will be able to as well.

<b>Community colleges are spreading the sustainability message and putting smart practices to use.</b>

The New Face of ERP

Enterprise applications come out of the back office to manage everything from business operations to student lifecycle relations.

WHEN IT COMES TO ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS, ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Just ask John Southard, chief technology officer for New York Law School.

Institutions Expand Rich Media Efforts

As software applications get more user-friendly and bandwidth gets more robust, institutions expand their rich media efforts beyond online courses.

For most of its 2006 season, the football team at Ohio Wesleyan University attracted a record number of spectators not just its loyal fans but also thousands of enthusiasts for every visiting team, going well beyond the capacity of its stadium.

The Innocents Abroad

Ten tips for avoiding (or managing) an emergency when your students travel to study at colleges and universities throughout the globe.

FOREIGN TRAVEL AND individual exchange programs have long been accepted as a great way to make the world a smaller place by fostering relationships and cultural understanding on a personal level. But protecting students when they are on the other side of the world isn't always easy to do.