Cadets on Campus

ROTC has gone from a four-letter word during the Vietnam War era to a mainstay on post-9/11 campuses.

Sizing Up Second Life

Higher ed learns how to live in a virtual world.

Keeping an Eye on the Network

Campuses deploy network access control to protect users and the network.

UNLIKE CORPORATIONS, HIGHER EDUCATION institutions face unique challenges with IT security. As students arrive each semester with their own computers, many times their security devices are off, their anti-virus software is gone or simply outdated, and odd configurations abound.

Orientation Rites: Seal the Deal

Creative approaches to the classic summer rite of passage help acclimate students and ensure they arrive in the fall.

Baby Boomers, Back to Campus

What would it be like to retire on a college campus? More older adults are about to find out.

Are We Covered?

With the first wave of wireless in place, higher ed institutions plan their next steps, boosting coverage everywhere from residence halls to classrooms.

"WIRELESS COVERAGE IS NO longer a showstopper anymore," observes Frank Monaco, chief information officer at <b>Pace University</b> (N.Y.). "It used to be a big thing, a selling point. But now it's expected, and if you don't have it, the students aren't coming."

Growing the Giving Tree

Non-alumni nurturing and the case for support.

A Sense of Security

Colleges and universities get serious about building access control.

Taking Control

Room control systems save time and money, and increase technology use in the classroom.

Targeting Student Gambling

As gambling rates rise on campus, schools are taking a harder look at the consequences and searching for solutions.