Lecture Capture: A Fresh Look

Although less than 10 years old, lecture capture technology has come a long way.

EVER SINCE PLATO WROTE THE DIALOGUES, students have been endeavoring to capture class content for later review. Usually the method of choice is pen and paper, but sometimes cassette recorders are employed. For most, neither method is adequate.


Take a more comprehensive perspective in informing families about your college's environment, programs, and policies.

THE PHONE RINGS. THERE ARE REPORTS OF GUN-SHOTS on campus. Apparently someone is holed up in a tall building in the middle of the university campus, firing shots from a rifle at random passersby, police, and campus security officers. Eventually he is subdued.

Small Steps to Safety

From reallocating existing resources to investing in relatively low-cost products, higher ed leaders are at the same time managing risk and enhancing the health and safety of all who navigate campus.

Free Ride to College?

<em>Bearing the brunt of challenging expectations on who should pay for college</em>

New federal rules encourage adoption of electronic student refund systems

The U.S. Department of Education recently issued rules designed to encourage colleges and universities to disburse student refunds electronically. Higher One?s Casey M. McGuane, senior vice president for client operations, provides answers to frequently asked questions about those new regulations.

Cadets on Campus

ROTC has gone from a four-letter word during the Vietnam War era to a mainstay on post-9/11 campuses.

Sizing Up Second Life

Higher ed learns how to live in a virtual world.

Keeping an Eye on the Network

Campuses deploy network access control to protect users and the network.

UNLIKE CORPORATIONS, HIGHER EDUCATION institutions face unique challenges with IT security. As students arrive each semester with their own computers, many times their security devices are off, their anti-virus software is gone or simply outdated, and odd configurations abound.

Orientation Rites: Seal the Deal

Creative approaches to the classic summer rite of passage help acclimate students and ensure they arrive in the fall.

Baby Boomers, Back to Campus

What would it be like to retire on a college campus? More older adults are about to find out.