The Continuing Importance of Place in Library Service

Why Relevance Matters

Tuition and Student Debt Levels Reflect National Priorities

COLLEGE TUITION HAS INCREASED 35 PERCENT in the last five years, according to the College Board. There are several reasons why tuition rises at a rate faster than inflation. The first is that there are real cost increases associated with organizations that are both personnel and technology intense-and higher education fits that model.

The Commodity Market and the University Education

ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT pressures facing colleges and universities is dictated by an underlying change in their marketplace. Increasingly, higher education is taking on the attributes of a commodity market.

College Loans Still a Good Option

RECENTLY I MET A FAMILY whose daughter was looking at Rhodes College. The family income was slightly above $20,000. Federal and state funding didn't provide the assistance necessary for the daughter to enroll. Even after adding a substantial commitment from the college to the financial aid package, there was a large financial gap.

Teleopathy and the Translation of Conscience

To Be Successful, Institutions Must Be Responsive to Change

Serving, Learning, and Succeeding

TODAY'S COLLEGE STUDENTS are extremely interested in serving others. They apply their classroom knowledge to serving the common good and while doing so learn more about themselves.

Financial Aid Administrators Under the Microscope

Ivory Towers No More