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Open Textbooks Aim to Cut College Costs


WHAT WOULD YOU PAY FOR A COPY OF Introduction to Economic Analysis by R. Preston McAfee? $100? $150? How about nothing? Not to sound too much like a late night infomercial, but that’s the price for the book by McAfee, who teaches at the California Institute of Technology.

The SAT is Dead; Long Live the SAT


EVERY MONTH, IT SEEMS, WE HEAR OF ANOTHER institution deciding to make the SAT an optional part of the admissions process. Other schools combine SAT scores with a student's high school records to get a more rounded picture. Still other colleges have decided to eliminate the test altogether.

A Very Bumpy Ride


AS I WRITE THIS, OIL IS AT $135 A BARREL; gas pump prices have topped $4 almost everywhere. Some airlines are charging a $15 fee for the first checked bag-on top of a $25 fee for checking a second bag-to help offset fuel costs.

Are Loyalty Oaths Really Necessary?


WENDY GONAVER LOST HER TEACHING job at <b>California State University, Fullerton</b> in May because she refused to sign a state-mandated loyalty oath for all state employees. Gonaver, a practicing Quaker and pacifist, believes the oath is an infringement on her religious beliefs and her rights to free speech.

Should Students Be Armed?


IN MID-APRIL, AMONG THE HUNDREDS OF articles that recognized the one-year anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy, one particular headline on CNN's website caught my attention. "Students Want Chance to Defend Themselves," it read.

The Culture of Communication

Back from the Virtual World

Your Seat on the Steamroller

Notes From the Leading Edge

Stop Me If You've Heard This One

TIS THE SEASON FOR ANNUAL TECHNOLOGY surveys, so let's take a look at what CIOs and IT directors around the country are reporting. According to CDW-G, in its third annual "Higher Education IT Security Report Card" (available at www.cdwg.com/higheredsecurity):