Editor's Note

The EduComm Institute


IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE MEETING with many University Business readers last month at EduComm 2009 in Orlando. Attendance was strong—considering the economy—the venue was great, and we appreciated hearing your ideas and your concerns. We don’t want that interaction to end.

Sustainable Stories


SOMETIMES WORDS AND PHRASES CAN trigger images that we use to define things. For example, when I hear the word “sustainable” it often brings to mind a trip I took some years ago. I was among a group of people touring one of the largest working dairy farms in western Connecticut.

Whither the SAT?


IN LATE MARCH, FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY (Conn.) became yet another of the 800 or so institutions to declare that they would not require the SAT as part of the admission package. While that number is slowly growing, about 72 percent of all colleges and universities still do require SAT or ACT scores.

Being Sociable

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An Idea Just Crazy Enough to Work?


A New Chapter In The P2P Saga


Call It EduComm 2.0


Cleaning Out My Inbox


I HAVE LEARNED THAT THIS COLUMN CAN touch a few nerves. Two examples of this are editorials I wrote about guns and alcohol, both of which continue to draw reader response long after they were published.

A Silver Lining to the Economic Crisis?


A Long Overdue Conversation


A strange and inspiring thing happened this summer. Higher education grew a backbone. In July a group of 100 college and university presidents calling themselves the Amethyst Initiative came forward with the not-so-surprising news that young people on college campuses drink alcohol before they reach the legal age of 21.