Campus Report

University of Compassion provides a “true education”

Teaching personal development and ethical responsibility as part of the learning experience

“The function of education,” according to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.”

While in their mission statements many universities aspire to be leaders in scholarship and ethics, too few institutions try to give equal weight to both sides of Dr. King’s equation. Service-learning projects, for example, are excellent but they are usually “add-ons,” and not part of a broader university strategy to blend intellectual and character leadership.

A new role for old college towns?

Chautauqua could be an idea whose time has come...again

Have you heard about the high school kid who was so adept at playing video games that he won an athletic scholarship to an online university? Beneath the laugh at today’s virtual world is a less exaggerated but more sober reality. The growth of distance learning, with for-credit courses and online degrees from both campus-based and online schools, promises to challenge the economies of college towns and university neighborhoods everywhere.

Race-neutral policies and programs for achieving racial diversity

The new affirmative action.

Contrary to many media reports, the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the latest challenge to affirmative action, Fisher v. University of Texas, is likely to have a large impact on the future of admissions policies. The Supreme Court did not immediately decide the fate of Abigail Fisher, the white plaintiff who challenged the use of race in admissions, but instead returned the case to the lower court for further review. Many interpreted the decision as allowing affirmative action policies to survive as is.