Behind the News

Behind the News

<LI>Union U Sets Its Sights on Recovery <LI>(People Watch) Familiar Face to Lead TSU <LI>Territory Tiff: UMass Donor Databases <LI>Funding Student Athletes <LI>(Stats Watch) Educating Parents about College Costs <LI>Call for Nominations: Dorms of Distinction <LI>Between the Lines <LI>Concierge at Your Service <LI>University Sells Bathroom Naming Rights <LI>(SENSE OF PLACE) The Mori Hosseini Center at Daytona Beach College (Fla.)

ALMOST IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEIR CAMPUS SUSTAINED heavy damage from a February 5 tornado, officials at <b>Union University</b> in Jackson, Tenn., began a strategy for assessment, recovery, and rebuilding.


<LI>Clery Act Fine Sets a Precedent <LI>From a Sad Cubicle to Happy Mentions <LI>Alumni for (After) Life <LI>NASFAA Names New President <LI>Between the Lines <LI>Parmer Hall at Dominican University (Ill.) <LI>Wedding Planning Class Not a Piece of Cake <LI>Columbia Expansion Gets Green Light <LI>University Takes Guesswork Out of Shopping for Students <LI>A Bite of the Textbook Pie <LI>New Award for Curbing Alcohol Use <LI>Move Over, Elvis

<b>EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY</b> has been fined $357,500 by the U.S. Department of Education for failing to comply with the federal Jeanne Clery Act. It's the largest fine ever imposed.

Behind the News

<LI>Utah State Suffers Course Management System Breakdown <LI>Class on Fridays: To Have or Have Not <LI>Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be (Uneducated) Cowboys <LI>Interim President Ready to Act <LI>Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets <LI>Garbage In, Garbage Kept <LI>Preparing for a Trans Fat-less Future <LI>Clower Student Life Center at South Georgia College <LI>Survey Gives Diagnosis on Student Health <LI>The Facts (and Figures) about Fundraising

IT IS A MOMENT THAT EVERY IT director dreads. The system goes down and data is lost. Usually the data can be recovered from archived files-unless those archives are also corrupt.


<LI>Spin Control <LI>Va. Tech Families Given Memorial Donations <LI>Aiding Rhode Island Nightclub Fire Families <LI>Too Much Is Never Enough <LI>Green with Chemistry <LI>U.S. News, Princeton Review...and Nessie? <LI>Kentucky's Plan: More Degrees, Please <LI>Parking Garage at Clemson University's Auto Research Center <LI>Publishers Settle with Textbook Pirates <LI>Solar House

The importance of media relations

BEING THE DEFENDANT IN A lawsuit is bad enough. Having a plaintiff with an active public relations campaign can become a nightmare. Administrators at Princeton University have been dealing with this situation since 2002.

Behind the News

ALTHOUGH IHES ARE CATEGORIZED AS TWO YEAR AND FOUR YEAR, the reality is it often takes students longer than that to graduate. Efforts are continuously being made to help students obtain their degrees within six years of matriculation, the national standard. The Texas state legislature weighed in on the matter in May by passing a law limiting to six the number of courses a student could drop after the census date during their entire higher ed career.


<LI>After Criticism, Virginia Tech Seeks Reform <LI>Study Abroad is Target of New Investigation <LI>Between the lines <LI>Reaching the Wide Open Spaces <LI>Lifting the Haze <LI>Campus Footbaths Draw Attention <LI>Campus Fires Rise, So Do Warnings <LI>Spooky Student Group <LI>Stats Watch <LI>Peaple Watch <LI>SENSE OF PLACE

Eliminating Student Loans for Low-Income Families

Amherst joins other colleges and universities in striving for economic diversity.

Rankings Exodus May Be Tipping Point

SOME SEE THE ANNUAL U.S. NEWS & World Report rankings as a necessary evil. Students and parents are naturally attracted to those schools that make the top of the list, so schools do what they can to boost their rank. But as educators have argued for years, the rankings have little value in the real world. A few have already stopped participating in the annual survey. Reed College (Ore.) stopped playing the rankings game 12 years ago, and continues to receive top quality applicants.

The Giving Season

Pickens gives $50 million to UT, but with a caveat; others just give-a lot.

Behind the News: The Stories Making Headlines in Higher Ed

Colleges and universities debate arming security officers, student privacy rights.