Deferral Parties and Walls of Shame

A look at the receiving end of early application decisions.

The early application wave has almost passed. In its wake remain broken hearts, frantic rushes to the post office, shrugged shoulders, and searches for meaning.

Defer to Retain

Disconcerting phone calls lay the groundwork for a challenging proposal.

.Today we received a phone call from a young woman in her first year attending a large, private, urban university. "How are things going?" we wanted to know. "What's up?" The concern in her voice was evident. "Everything's great," she remarked. "Except, well, Chemistry."

A Modest Proposal

Is there an alternative to maintaining or expanding student enrollment in today's competitive environment?

The College-Bound Transition

Orientation isn't enough. Today's pre-orientation programs jumpstart student engagement.

The Perils of Price Competition

Discounting the price of college to influence student enrollment is a risky business.

Public Good of Private Colleges

It's time to correct fallacies and misperceptions about independent IHEs.

In my home state of Georgia, state funding for higher education took a huge hit in 2004, and prospects are not yet clear for this year. In Washington, the Higher Education Re-Authorization Act is once again up for debate, having failed to be renewed by the 108th Congress.

Getting Heard

NDNU's campaign targeted at adult learners has prompted increased web traffic and inquiries from potential students.

The Importance of Good Communication

To attract new students, it's not just what you say, but how you say it that counts.

It is mid-December. We are sitting in our office with a student and his parents struggling to assess the meaning of a deferral letter from his first-choice college. The family is quite put out.

Help Your Students Help Themselves

Push early aid application to reap the rewards of better recruitment and greater retention.


Standardized Testing: Help or Hindrance? What you need to know about changes to college admissions testing.