There's No Place Like Home

As the homeschooled population grows, colleges and universities must increase enrollment efforts targeted to this group.

A RECENT PERUSAL OF HO-meschool World, the website of Practical Homeschooling magazine, revealed the following news items touting the accomplishments of homeschoolers this past year:

- A part-time homeschooler won the GSN National Vocabulary Championship and $40,000 in college scholarship funds.

- A homeschooler won $50,000 in scholarship money as an Intel Foundation Young Scientist award winner.

Wading through the Viewbooks

Graduating seniors have weighed their college options carefully and selected a school. How have institutional efforts influenced that process?

Campus Diversity and Birds of a Feather

How significant is student diversity to current and prospective students?

Taking a Stand Against Drugs and Alcohol

Students speak out on these topics through their admissions essays.

Questioning College

A sampling of questions from the Peterson's weekly online chats reveals a diversity of concerns from the college-bound.

Who Is the Client Today?

Today's strategic admissions practices can wind up creating both hurdles and confusion for prospective students.

The Next (Real) World: Part Two

How to help students survive their first job.

Admissions: Across the Board

Attracting students from boarding schools can be just what the recruitment doctor ordered.

As we complete work on our forthcoming book on U.S. boarding schools, we continue to be struck by the talent, diversity, and preparation of the boarding school students we encounter. They are typically mature socially, involved in several activities at a deep level, and taking advantage of an enriched and exciting academic program.

The Next (Real) World

Are you preparing your students for it?

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