Columns from University Business

Financial Aid

Aid administrators should be able to set borrowing levels for students
University Business, November 2013
Financial aid administrators need to do more to help students and parents understand enough about the choices, terms, and possible dangers of taking on student loans.
University Business, October 2013
Shared goals and open communication can make everyone’s job easier.
University Business, September 2013
College affordability depends on it
University Business, July 2013
How to curb student debt and better manage repayment
University Business, May 2013

Human Resources

Universities recognize the value of diversity, ranging from expanding staff competencies to improving community relations
University Business, January 2015
Schools break with tradition to find creative ways to onboard new employees
University Business, December 2014
HR can take advantage of employees’ skills that are unrelated to their jobs
University Business, October 2014
Graduates typically possess a wealth of campus knowledge and skills--and are eager to help
University Business, August 2014
HR professionals should be analyzing metrics to gauge impacts of initiatives
University Business, June 2014

Independent Outlook

Politicians and journalists too often make their case with faulty numbers
University Business, September 2013
Education leaders must weigh benefits of collaboration versus uniformity
University Business, July 2013
Changing public opinion on the liberal arts
University Business, May 2013
A broader look at liberal arts graduates’ futures
University Business, March 2013
Why strong town-gown relationships do not flourish unattended—and what they do require
University Business, December 2012

Internet Technology

Predictive web analytics can guide higher ed marketers in charting their course with more certainty
University Business, January 2015
No matter how much data you collect, it’s useful only if you’re asking the right questions
University Business, November 2014
Ignoring these often overlooked agreements could be troublesome for your institution
University Business, September 2014
People are logged in to social media all day—it takes only a click to sign in with social logins
University Business, July 2014

Money Matters

Specialized Eduspace Investors: “The Twelve”
University Business, September 2013
How policy and practice can help in maintaining enrollment, net tuition revenue, and your institution’s reputation
University Business, April 2013
Seven steps to a better process and output
University Business, Feb 2013
Combating third-party sites that shape perceptions of value and affordability
University Business, December 2012
Strengthening the bond for better budget decision making and more
University Business, October 2012

Community Colleges

Two-year institutions making a bigger commitment to community outreach
University Business, April 2013
Community colleges are creating customized workforce development programs to address the shortage of skilled workers in the U.S. and help retain jobs that might otherwise be offshored.
University Business, October 2012
New community college leaders organization advocating to policymakers
University Business, October 2012
University Business, October 2012
University Business, October 2012