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Looking for higher education technology products and services? Start here.

University Business, Jan 2010

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Substance abuse, depression, and eating disorders are ever-present problems on college and university campuses. But higher ed leaders are on the case.

University Business, Nov 2007

University Business, Dec 2006

Readers share their successful strategies to start earning--and avoid burning--money.

University Business, Jun 2006

Whether it's getting a projector to work or teaching faculty how to use the latest gizmo, the AV tech squad is on the job. Handling problems on the fly is their specialty.

University Business, Aug 2004

Critics blast Arizona plan; Diversity by the numbers; Book Review: The Quiet Crisis: How Higher Education is Failing America; No change for Pell; Free tuition in New Jersey; New file-swapping threat; U Akron drills for gas; TV network aims at college kids; SEVIS sets final fees; Costs rise at private schools; EduComm Conference features latest AV products