Ron Schachter

Ron Schachter is a Boston-based freelance writer.

Articles by Ron Schachter

University Business, Aug 2007

The good news: Foreign enrollments at American universities are on the rise. The bad news: Competition for international students is fiercer than ever.

University Business, Jul 2007

University of Miami's Donna Shalala is a high-profile president with purpose.

University Business, May 2007

Research universities are finding new ways to leverage their intellectual capital.

University Business, Mar 2007

The landmark law faces a happy birthday- and a midlife crisis.

University Business, Feb 2007

With the possibility of a deadly flu pandemic-today's worry being avian flu-good planning may be the best medicine. Is your school prepared?

University Business, Nov 2006

More than a year later, New Orleans' institutions of higher ed-and their leaders-are recovering, adapting, and reinventing themselves.