Ron Schachter

Ron Schachter is a Boston-based freelance writer.

Articles by Ron Schachter

University Business, Oct 2010

Colleges and universities are trying innovative approaches—face-to-face and online—to reach more alumni, young and old.

University Business, Feb 2010

Expanding missions and the charter school movement bring research institutions into the K-12 arena.

University Business, Jul 2009

How financial aid directors are coping with the troubled economy and helping students continue to and through college

University Business, Jun 2009

Faced with threats from crime to natural disasters, and having learned lessons from the Virginia Tech shootings two years ago, campus security and emergency officials are building stronger relationships with their local and state counterparts.

University Business, Dec 2008

As two- and four-year colleges face an onslaught of unprepared students, they are turning to new strategies.

University Business, Oct 2008

The role of religious leaders on campus as the spiritual needs of students evolve.

University Business, Jun 2008

For many schools, an increased commitment to community service fits the student body, curriculum, and neighborhood.

University Business, Mar 2008

ROTC has gone from a four-letter word during the Vietnam War era to a mainstay on post-9/11 campuses.

University Business, Jan 2008

As gambling rates rise on campus, schools are taking a harder look at the consequences and searching for solutions.

University Business, Sep 2007

For the past 15 years, Hispanic-Serving Institutions around the country have been facing the challenges, and fulfilling the educational promise, of the growing numbers of Latino students.