Robert A. Sevier

Articles by Robert A. Sevier

University Business, Sep 2010

Ten years after higher ed became enamored with branding, a panel of university marketers talks about lessons learned.

University Business, Apr 2009

Take control of marketing trends to deliver a superior 'customer experience.'

University Business, Sep 2008

Part one of a two-part column on institutional competition

University Business, May 2008

How to increase the effectiveness of your marketing spending

University Business, Dec 2007

Applying experience marketing in the real world

University Business, Jul 2007

Keep customer experience management in mind in marketing communication efforts.

University Business, May 2007

Learn how colleges and universities can benefit from using these communities in marketing efforts.

University Business, Mar 2007

Before delving into the world of social networking as a way to promote a higher ed institution, consider the marketing implications.

University Business, Feb 2007

University marketing pros give tips on how to build a brand strategy.

University Business, Jan 2007

Despite what you may have thought, colleges and univerisities can control many of the variables that impact enrollment.