Rebecca Sausner

Articles by Rebecca Sausner

University Business, Aug 2005

Quick for donors and data-rich for schools, online fundraising is taking off.

University Business, Jul 2005

Facilities construction and management take on illness prevention.

University Business, May 2005

With leading technology behind it, a new generation of course management systems is poised to take the stage.

University Business, Jan 2005

As web demand accelerates on campus, IT managers must corral multiple technologies to improve services and functionality

University Business, Nov 2004

A critical report on e-learning innovation has sparked debate on both sides of the issue.

University Business, Sep 2004

New Procurement Strategies and Systems Save Time And Money--Serious Money.
As Financial Aid officers grapple with growing challenges, complexities, and demand, they turn--sometimes gratefully, sometimes uneasily--to today's technology solutions.
Auxiliary Services is no longer the black hole of campus expense. Today it is not only self-supporting, but generating revenue to fill institutional budget gaps.
There are many roads to community college salvation. Herewith, three of the best.