Mark Rowh

Mark Rowh is a Virginia-based freelance writer.

Articles by Mark Rowh

University Business, December 2014

The size of part-time faculty in higher ed has increased more than full-time faculty over the last two decades.
Five best practices for managing pay, performance and compliance

University Business, November 2013

A new system that doesn’t position employees within salary structure appropriately can lead to unmet expectations
As colleges come out of the recession, many are now expected to make up for years of stagnant salaries
Common sense solutions to equitable pay scales and compensation packages

University Business, July 2013

Regulations now make tax-exempt 403(b) retirement plans more like 401(k) plans

University Business, May 2013

Making the most of campus employment programs

University Business, January 2013

Iris Recongition
Thanks to increasing affordability and higher ed environment success, campus leaders are taking a closer look at biometrics for building access.

University Business, November 2012

Certain security measures should be visible, but for others, it’s better when they’re less obvious or even hidden. Here’s some perspective on which the campus community should spot—and which they’d better not.

University Business, July/August 2012

Administrators, faculty, and staff at Ohio U could opt to begin their "twilight years" early.
How institutions are making voluntary retirement programs work