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University Business, June 2014

When Ohio State students requested a campus life mobile app, Steve Fischer, director of web and mobile apps (standing, left) and his team collaborated on the project that made it happen.
Collaborative project management, courtesy of the information technology office
The President’s Task Force  Committee at Salisbury University is an example of how multiple  departments can work with IT. On  the committee is Simeon Ananou (seated, with laptop), as well as his colleagues from the provost’s office, student affairs, registrar, financial aid, general counsel, HR, web  communications and two academic departments.
Curriculum and IT will merge, experts say

University Business, May 2014

Under the microscope: Dissecting the new science center
Two researchers says they have debunked the theory that community college students who transfer to universities graduate at lower rate. (Click to enlarge graphic)
Transfer students just as likely to graduate from four-year colleges as direct university entrants

University Business, April 2014

Wrapped in bowed glass, the building’s first three floors give passersby a full view of events and activity going on inside.
14,000-square-foot addition makes room for growing enrollment, adds studio space
First time in four years public colleges have taken the lead

University Business, February 2014

Flexibility is the name of the game in today’s campus theater configurations