Kylie Lacey

Special Projects Editor

Kylie Lacey is special projects editor for University Business and its sister publication District Administration.

Articles by Kylie Lacey

University Business, June 2014

Enrollment drop due to 'job contraction and an overreaction to that contraction'

University Business, May 2014

Students volunteer to teach English to catering and facilities staff
Here’s how proposed increases in some states compare to 2013-2014 budgets (and budgets of the recent past).
Slow climb to pre-recession funding

University Business, April 2014

Reverse auctions have, by some accounts, proven to save institutions more than 40 percent on goods and services.
Real-time reverse auction events are helping institutions save on purchases—and making the procurement office an exciting place to be

University Business, March 2014

Universities look to papers and coursework as stronger assessments

University Business, February 2014

Certain best practices have been defined by leaders of highly successful tech repair centers.
Operational requirements for a well-run campus computer repair center
Outside repair companies operating on campuses can save universities money

University Business, December 2013

Survey says community colleges in 10 states facing space crunch

University Business, November 2013

Flood insurance subsidies for colleges and universities located in federally-designated flood zones ended on Oct. 1
Premiums will increase by 25 percent each year until the “full risk rate” is reached

University Business, October 2013

60 percent of students say they would not attend an institution that does not provide extensive Wi-Fi, according to a December 2011 Educause study.
As number of devices per student increases, so does the need for an outdoor Wi-Fi network. But where to begin?