Kristen Domonell

Associate Editor and Web Editor

Kristen Domonell is a graduate of Marist College and has been with University Business since January 2011. She covers new products, technology trends, and other topics in feature and news stories.

Articles by Kristen Domonell

University Business, March 2014

How institutions are making tablets and laptops accessible to all students

University Business, February 2014

Even schools not matching the typical profile are getting large gifts by engaging donors in creative ways
Princeton has distributed a meningitis vaccine to students that is not yet approved in the U.S.
CDC working with schools in need of vaccines not available domestically

University Business, January 2014

The more breaks a community college student takes, the less likely he or she is to ever graduate
Oregon State is one of three universities to be governed by an independent board.
Public institutions moving toward autonomy

University Business, December 2013

Texas Christian University teaching “question, persuade, and refer" method
Colleges and universities creating their own crowdfunding platforms
Updates require written consent for cold calls, other communications

University Business, November 2013

EA Sports has announced it will not publish a 2013 version of its popular college football video ame. (Hector Alejandro)
Lawsuits were brought by former and current college athletes over the use of their images and likenesses

University Business, October 2013

New report highlights successful efforts at campuses across the country