Kathy Kurz, James Scannell and Samantha Veeder

Articles by Kathy Kurz, James Scannell and Samantha Veeder

University Business, Nov 2008

What the impact of this new legislation will be for financial aid offices

University Business, Sep 2008

Using aid to build institutional demand

University Business, Jul 2008

What students arriving from community colleges expect and need

University Business, May 2008

Making the best case for institutional value and return on investment.

University Business, Mar 2008

<em>How to manage financial aid programs that involve multiple offices.</em>

University Business, Jan 2008

Seven policies that may be working against retention and net tuition revenue goals

University Business, Nov 2007

Financial aid reports that work.

University Business, Jul 2007

Building an effective relationship between these two departments depends on five key factors.

University Business, May 2007

It's more important than ever for colleges and universities to pay attention to transfers-and for two- and four-year schools to work together.