Kathy Kurz and Jim Scannell

Articles by Kathy Kurz and Jim Scannell

University Business, Jun 2005

Under the enrollment management umbrella, data is the glue that holds the process together.

University Business, May 2005

Higher ed, like any business, must listen to the "voice of the customer" in pricing deliberations.

University Business, Mar 2005

How to determine your financial aid office's "technology quotient."

University Business, Jan 2005

As they compete against private institutions, public IHEs need to rethink financial aid.

University Business, Nov 2004

Collaboration and teamwork are key ingredients for managing donated funds.

University Business, Sep 2004

Trustees need to know more than just the trends in the tuition discount rate.
We're growing a new generation of financial aid leaders, and they'll need these five skills
Savvy financial aid directors use metric 'dashboards' to track what's really important
What's right for your IHE? If you don't ask the right questions, you can't get the right answers