Kathy Kurz and Jim Scannell

Articles by Kathy Kurz and Jim Scannell

University Business, Jul 2009

Helping to determine if this high-risk strategy will have high rewards

University Business, May 2009

Maximizing student employment opportunities

University Business, Mar 2009

Navigating enrollments and financial aid in tough times

University Business, Jan 2009

A major driver to an institution?s ?best? aid strategy

University Business, Jul 2006

A successful fundraising plan involves sharing data, tying donors' values to the cause, and then careful stewardship of funds.

University Business, May 2006

Enrollment managers share their current approaches.

University Business, Mar 2006

Ensuring a strategic student service initiative doesn't result in worse service.

University Business, Jan 2006

An institution's financial stability is determined by many factors. Understanding the process is key to earning a better rating.

University Business, Nov 2005

You can't have one without the other. Here's why.

University Business, Sep 2005

Collaboration and communication between these departments help an institution thrive.