Julie A. Varughese

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University Business, December 2012

Today’s higher education web strategy hinges on device agnosticism—and requires content synergy between desktop, tablet, and mobile views.

University Business, July/August 2012

With a new focus on risk management and safety efforts rather than just compliance, campus environmental health & safety offices are preventing on-the-job injuries and costly workers’ compensation claims.

University Business, March 2012

treasure box
Monetizing digital assets translates to revenue potential, but an institution’s leaders must weigh the challenges and risks of charging for access to captured audio, video, and images.

University Business, Jan 2006

Online collaboration software can help streamline meetings, brainstorm efficiently, and even generate some revenue on the side.

University Business, Dec 2005

The results of a University Business magazine survey of 160 chief information officers and IT directors from colleges and universities nationwide in which we sought to find out how and where their IT dollars were being spent.

University Business, Nov 2005

University Business, Oct 2005

Online education offerings provide more than just tuition dollars to institutions.

University Business, Sep 2005

Companies are doing research abroad, while foreign IHEs are attracting more and more students. How can U.S. research universities remain competitive?