Julie Sturgeon

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University Business, Feb 2012

a mouse with the wire attached to a credit card
Campus e-commerce sites actually have a marketing edge over retailers’ online stores, but only if departments and IT pay attention to the back end.

University Business, Nov 2009

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires specific measurements and codes that allow access for disabled students. Some campus planners say that isn?t enough?and are looking to universal design concepts.

University Business, Jan 2009

Considering a fast-track construction plan? Here's a look at what crowding a project calendar will really cost a campus.

University Business, Dec 2008

Unified design can steer campuses into the 21st century, once we figure out how to use it.

University Business, Apr 2008

It's not enough for campus leaders to know where a building project stands. Today, everyone must be in the loop.

University Business, Jan 2008

Enterprise content management isn't an oddity on college campuses-but the question now is, does it belong there?

University Business, Oct 2007

Partnerships between private developers and IHEs have reached a new level of sophistication.

University Business, Aug 2007

Science facility upgrades are the rage on campuses especially as other institutions score big with their new buildings.

University Business, Jul 2007

Competitive bidding may rule the construction scene, but that doesn't make it the best choice for all campus projects. Here's how your peers are breaking out of the box.