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University Business, July 2015

The success center at Wisconsin’s Fox Valley Technical College in Wisconsin offers a variety of services and help areas. The facility,  formerly the library, was completed in 2014.
How and why institutions are designing, marketing and funding student success centers on campus

University Business, May 2015

The benefits and pitfalls of establishing an overseas campus

University Business, March 2015

Successful firsts: MIT’s First Generation Program website includes personal snapshots from first-gen students, alumni and faculty.
24 ideas for guiding students through the social, academic, financial, and administrative challenges of college

University Business, January 2015

 to progress toward degrees outside the typical semester track—will grow in 2015
The way in which students develop their skills will continue to shift away from the traditional lecture-based model

University Business, December 2014

Course scheduling is tied integrally to two of an institution’s most expensive resources—facilities and faculty.
Scheduling courses using existing faculty and facilities space

University Business, August 2014

The average college student now spends about $1,200 per year on course materials. (Click to enlarge)
Unsustainable costs, a digital landscape and low-cost alternatives force change to the textbook industry

University Business, June 2014

Colleges and universities must consider students' privacy and other issues when lectures are recorded.
Colleges work to create policies and guidelines for instructors

University Business, March 2014

A growing number of four-year institutions are investing in workforce development—and here's how any college can successfully find and maintain industry partnerships