Harriet Meyers

Harriet Meyers is a Columbia, Md.-based freelance writer.

Articles by Harriet Meyers

University Business, January 2015

Student success and controlling costs are the top priorities for higher ed leaders in2 015. (Click to enlarge graphic)
Colleges and universities must figure out how to boost learning while remaining financially stable

University Business, November 2014

What’s new and what’s working for institutions engaged in capital campaigns

University Business, September 2014

Here's how colleges and universities are using social media to connect with alumni.
Building and benefiting from alumni social networks

University Business, March 2014

Institutions are increasing efforts to equip those in a broad array of campus leadership positions with the skills they need to identify and woo potential donors.
Helping mid- and senior-level campus administrators gain comfort and experience with fundraising

University Business, Feb 2013

Donor-advised funds offer universities a pot of gold