Haley Chitty

Haley Chitty is director of communications at the National Association of Students Financial Aid Administrators, www.nasfaa.org.

Articles by Haley Chitty

University Business, Jan 2008

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Evaluating ACG/SMART grant programs one year later.

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While it's not legislation yet, it's not too early to get institutions ready for compliance.

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Recent aid trends increase the importance of financial aid administrators.

University Business, Jan 2007

Guaranty agencies are now required to share best practices and resources. And that collaboration is making a greater impact on higher ed.

University Business, Dec 2006

Easing the burden on families applying for aid is easier suggested than done.

University Business, Oct 2006

How institutions are managing the expansion of financial aid availability to students in need.

University Business, Aug 2006

Institutions should take extra precautions to ensure student aid records are secure.