Elizabeth Millard

Articles by Elizabeth Millard

University Business, Apr 2007

Identity management can keep an IHE safer, but making these systems easy to use can be tricky.

University Business, Jan 2007

Landlines are increasingly unused on college campuses. Does this have to mean revenue has gone missing as well?

University Business, Aug 2006

IHEs put in systems to capture quality data, and keep those records clean.

University Business, Jun 2006

IHEs find that recovery from security breaches must be part of every IT plan.

University Business, Feb 2006

IHEs are looking to make their campus card services positively futuristic.

University Business, Jan 2006

As network usage increases, IHEs find ways to manage demand and keep the traffic flowing.

University Business, Oct 2005

Colleges and universities have worked to boost their wireless might--without causing security risks.