Elizabeth Millard

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University Business, Jan 2012

Students paying with a campus card
Best practices for campus card administration

University Business, May 2011

As networks age, colleges and universities employ creative strategies to meet demand without draining the IT budget.

University Business, Mar 2011

Campus leaders are deciding whether to centralize or decentralize distance education operations, with some even choosing both.

University Business, Feb 2009

Shared services partnerships can be a boon to the bottom line, as well as a good way to establish relationships between institutions. Here are four rules that will help make these partnerships work.

University Business, Oct 2008

Identity-theft threats seem to be a constant, thanks to porous networks and laid-back users. But there are some key strategies campus leaders can use to help keep the bad guys at bay.

University Business, Feb 2008

With the first wave of wireless in place, higher ed institutions plan their next steps, boosting coverage everywhere from residence halls to classrooms.

University Business, Sep 2007

IHEs are at different points when it comes to VoIP, but many see the same benefits, and face the same challenges.

University Business, Aug 2007

Collecting data is crucial, but so is an efficient system for putting that data to use.

University Business, Jun 2007

As software applications get more user-friendly and bandwidth gets more robust, institutions expand their rich media efforts beyond online courses.