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University Business, March 2015

Institutions have implemented more innovative waste management practices since a major stream of recycling revenue dried up.
Colleges and universities work to implement new approaches to reducing waste and lowering facilities spending

University Business, August 2014

There’s value in treating noncredit courses as more than just an add-on to degree programs.
The rewards of putting a fresh focus on noncredit courses

University Business, April 2014

IT officials at any institution considering outsourcing help desk support will need to weigh the pros and cons to determine whether budget and IT operations mesh with an external provider
Colleges and universities of every size looking to alleviate internal IT staff of “level one” support calls

University Business, July 2013

Points for planning technology-rich academic buildings

University Business, June 2013

Campus IT support centers are ditching paper and turning to software solutions for their help desks

University Business, December 2012

The reality behind seven commonly held beliefs about open source and what direction they’ll take your institution
Even in a large lecture hall environment, it’s unlikely that professors using a flipped classroom strategy will see anyone dozing off. Part of the class time in a flipped classroom often involves the use of student response systems. As students respond to a quiz, the instructor gets instant feedback on what aspects of the lecture video assigned for homework may need to be reinforced in class.
Turning lectures into homework to boost student engagement and increase technology-fueled creativity

University Business, May 2012

Students enrolled in remedial courses at Holmes Community College seem to be sticking it out in those courses, and the use of lecture capture may well be a big factor in why. Photo: Courtney Lange / Holmes Community College Staff Writer/Photographer
Community colleges using lecture capture in remedial courses

University Business, Feb 2012

How to help ensure student success in online courses—despite research pointing to disengagement of distant learners at community colleges