Carol Patton

Articles by Carol Patton

University Business, Jul 2007

Here's advice on implementing self-service technologies for employee transactions and then taking it all to the next level.

University Business, May 2007

Know what to ask about upgrades and new technology, and HR will be better off.

University Business, Mar 2007

The aging workforce is an approaching storm for which institutions should be making preparations.

University Business, Jan 2007

A focus on strategy in contributing to the school's mission is crucial for institutional HR officers.

University Business, Nov 2006

Faced with salary constraints or other recruitment challenges, HR leaders get resourceful about perks.

University Business, Sep 2006

In positively recognizing employees, it's the small things that count.

University Business, Aug 2006

Today's candidates for campus positions may well need a benefits package with housing assistance. Some institutions are hearing the call.

University Business, Jul 2006

Institutions should consider expanding their drug-testing practices. Here's why.

University Business, May 2006

Don't let outgoing executives' knowledge leave campus when they do.

University Business, Mar 2006

Pros and Cons of administrative outsourcing.