Carol Patton

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University Business, August 2014

HR expert Carol Patton says alumni have value to HR as recruiters and university advocates.
Graduates typically possess a wealth of campus knowledge and skills--and are eager to help

University Business, June 2014

HR expert Carol Patton says data can help fix what no one may realize is broken.
HR professionals should be analyzing metrics to gauge impacts of initiatives

University Business, April 2014

Carol Patton says new HR software is more user-friendly and flexible.
Developers focus on products that deliver adaptability and user-friendliness

University Business, February 2014

Carol Patton says flexible career policies motivate faculty to develop fresh skills and broaden career paths.
Universities use flexible career programs to attract and retain faculty

University Business, December 2013

HR administrators discuss their most vexing problems

University Business, October 2013

Tips for maintaining management rights, reappointment criteria, and employee evaluations
Best practices include exercising creativity to analyzing productive and nonproductive time

University Business, September 2013

Succession planning is moving from the private sector to higher education administration.
How succession plans are being used to grow and promote in-house talent at all levels of the campus organization

University Business, August 2013

Preserving institutional knowledge and making it accessible to faculty, staff, and students is critical

University Business, June 2013

Smooth onboarding by Human Resources gets incoming campus leadership off to good start