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Higher education institutions today realize the benefits of diversity, and recognize the contributions and achievements of a diverse faculty; not just one that is diverse in terms of race and gender, but one that is diverse in talents, experience, and teaching approaches.

Financial aid offices, more than any other administrative office on a college campus, have been forced to use technology via external agencies.

The justification behind the uses of servers on college and university campuses is as simple as "more is never enough."

IN THE NEWS: Robert King, chancellor of the State University of New York, surprised and frustrated New York officials, including Gov. George Pataki, when he refused to quit his job.

Postsecondary students and their schools were dealt a sound blow recently when lawmakers failed to prevent a change in the way financial need is calculated.

Funding concerns underscore key issues important to higher education as the second George W. Bush administration and a new Congress get under way in Washington.