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In April 2001, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology seized the high ground in the debates about the ownership of intellectual property associated with the teaching and learning process.

Nothing can be a better indicator of your institution's value than its ability to educate. And what better way to measure it than seeing a comparison of your students' abilities to those of other IHEs using a standardized exam?

A handful of IHEs are addressing the needs of their students with alcohol or drug addictions through the development of "recovery dorms."

If your campus is beginning to look and feel less like a collection of classrooms and libraries and more like a giant Starbucks, there's a reason.

Before I read the "2005 Educause Current IT Issues Survey" that annually ranks hot issues for higher education CIOs, I took a stab at guessing what three issues are top-of-mind for IT folks. Well, I nailed two out of three.