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When prospective students visit an institution's website, they're seeking information about cost and academics--along with some campus life content and other topics packing an emotional punch thrown in.

When designing this residence hall, the project team at Swarthmore College (Pa.) had community building in mind.

Function: Dormitory for 75 students (of the approximately 1,300 living on campus this semester).

Days after our last issue hit the mail, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast with Category 5 ferocity, decimating the fragile levee system that had protected New Orleans from flooding for more than a century.

Business guru W. Edwards Deming first proposed his "Production Viewed As a System" while explaining his quality management theories to Japanese and American business leaders in the 1950s.

The U.S. economy is built on brainpower. Its growth is not driven by class or wealth, but by the ability of its citizens to create, innovate, and improve products and services. It is a knowledge economy, and the key to success in a knowledge economy is the higher education system.

Research institution leaders who keep on thinking that any company is dying to spend its research dollars on their institution just might wind up in the dog house (or somewhere close to it). Or at least that's what one university president believes.

The anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist strikes will always be a sad and bitter one.

Universities have been more creative recently in controlling rising health-care costs for faculty and staff members.

Colleges and universities face a slate of migraine-inducing financial challenges.

At least once a month I get the phone call. A client wants to hire a chief marketing officer (CMO). Do I have a job description they can use?