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Today's students who take out loans for their undergraduate education are facing the same debt burden as their counterparts did seven years ago, according to a recent study released by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).


In order to produce learned, well-spoken alumni, IHEs nowadays need to assess the skills and abilities of students when they first walk onto campus. "No college wants to churn out people who don't know their subject," one software company president has said.

IN THE NEWS: University of Colorado President Elizabeth Hoffman is stepping down July 1, because she wants to end the "speculation" about her future and the future of CU.

When female professors complain about stress, they're not just whining, says Jennifer Hart, professor at the University of Missouri who conducted a study that was submitted to Stress, Trauma and Crisis: An International Journal.

As expected, funding issues occupy center stage for the higher education community following release of President George W. Bush's proposed budget for fiscal 2006.

It is mid-December. We are sitting in our office with a student and his parents struggling to assess the meaning of a deferral letter from his first-choice college. The family is quite put out.