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The potential applicant pool for colleges and universities is going to grow significantly in some states between now and 2014, according to data gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics.

Viruses and worms have attacked every college and university network. Predictably, almost all colleges and universities use some virus protection software, spam filtering and or firewalls to try to protect IT networks. Still, the attacks keep coming, as do the security breaches.

Today's high school juniors and seniors likely grew up surrounded by "Baby on Board" stickers, bicycle helmets, television v-chips, and nanny cams. Since birth these children have felt the intense focus of parents who are some of the most well-informed worriers on the planet.

Is it a food court or is it a nightclub? Some creative renovations have made this space both.

Usually the word agility is paired with athleticism, but nowadays that characteristic is considered a valuable trait in higher ed management. Now more than ever, the ability to change with the academic and business winds is crucial to success as a higher ed chief business officer.

Hank Brown has landed the top job at the University of Colorado. The former U.S. senator stood out among a field of 40 applicants for the president's post. Brown as been serving CU since former President Elizabeth Hoffman resigned last summer amid sports and management scandals.

Recently, criticism has been lodged against community colleges for taking longer than three years to graduate some of their students.

Orlando, Florida, may be best known for its Magic Kingdom and Island of Adventure, but for three days in June it played host to another "theme park" in the form of the 2006 EduComm conference. The theme, of course, was connecting education with audiovisual and information technology.