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I have loved St. Lawrence University and the Canton community from the very first time I saw it in the fall of 1960 when I visited as a prospective student.

Near the breathtaking northern tip of the Appalachian Trail is one of six schools that represent a growing trend in higher education. This IHE and its peers form The Eco League--a band of colleges and universities devoted to the environment.

The day following the Virginia Tech massacre, students in a Midwestern state university were taking a class taught by the university president. Someone looked outside and saw a student walking on campus with a rifle.

The horrendous events at Virginia Tech have led to a number of inquiries about campus safety and retention. There are no good answers for what happened. For the parents, families, and the Virginia Tech community there will just be questions and anger. I know, unfortunately.

I WAS TRAVELING LAST MONTH WHEN WORD came of the horrific shooting deaths at Virginia Tech. From my hotel I watched numerous news reports on the shootings, trying to make sense of a senseless situation.