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Jason Shaeffer expected that improving eLearning services at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco would lead to better recruitment of national and international students. What he wasn't quite anticipating was how much it would change the way students learn and pursue their passions.

Educational institutions have very special requirements when it comes to security.

As branding initiatives in higher education have emerged and evolved over the past two decades, the media-outreach segments of the plans often continue to miss the mark. The reason?

Major curricular change?and the internal cultural shift required for such change to occur within higher education?is not easy. Over the past two years, the Villanova School of Business (VSB) has worked to reinvent its undergraduate program.

The recent credit crunch that destabilized the mortgage market and leaked to student loans, along with a heightened public awareness of the impacts of student debt, has brought to light the very real need for student loan reform.