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Recently, we were at Indiana University-Bloomington, filming "Ten Steps to College with the Greenes" for a national PBS show. During five days of shooting, we had the opportunity to engage with live studio audiences comprising Indiana high-school and middle-school parents and their children.

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Welcome to University Business's special report on student finance, the first of a regular series of special reports on the subject.

A dip in the economy is hard on everyone, but for higher education, hard times are aggravated by a kind of triple whammy of financial need: When the economy dips, more parents and students are out of work, and more investments shrivel.

One of the most vexing issues in financial aid today has to do with efficiency: If a school has $10,000 to spend on scholarships or tuition discounting, it can probably get more institutional benefit-in terms of enrollments, tuition revenue, and student quality-by spreading the money among four o