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Recently, we were at Indiana University-Bloomington, filming "Ten Steps to College with the Greenes" for a national PBS show. During five days of shooting, we had the opportunity to engage with live studio audiences comprising Indiana high-school and middle-school parents and their children.

One of the most vexing issues in financial aid today has to do with efficiency: If a school has $10,000 to spend on scholarships or tuition discounting, it can probably get more institutional benefit-in terms of enrollments, tuition revenue, and student quality-by spreading the money among four o

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Welcome to University Business's special report on student finance, the first of a regular series of special reports on the subject.

A dip in the economy is hard on everyone, but for higher education, hard times are aggravated by a kind of triple whammy of financial need: When the economy dips, more parents and students are out of work, and more investments shrivel.