Recognizing Models of Efficiency honorees at NACUBO

Recognizing Models of Efficiency honorees at NACUBO

Each year during the NACUBO conference in July, Models of Efficiency honorees are recognized at an awards ceremony hosted by Higher One, the program’s sponsor. This year, six of the most recent award recipients were honored at Mo’s Steakhouse in Indianapolis.

Casey McGuane, chief operations officer at Higher One, and JD Solomon, editorial director of University Business, introduced the award recipients and summarized the projects for which they were honored.

From initiatives that trimmed printing costs to efforts that streamlined call center operations, the projects recognized at the event illustrate how new technology and improved process management can contribute to an institution’s success.

“With Models of Efficiency, we’re seeing that improving the efficiency of administrative services yields cost savings and reputation benefits that can propel a college or university into the top tier of success,” McGuane said.

“It’s fitting that the theme of NACUBO this year is ‘Driving Innovation,’ because it’s innovation that we’re really honoring with the Models of Efficiency program,” said Solomon. “And while efficiency is about saving time and money, what we’re really recognizing with this program are institutions that demonstrated the bravery to abandon business as usual and try something new.”